Why You Need an Accountability Buddy

...and where to find one.

THE number one thing you all tell me you're struggling with when it comes to working out is Motivation. And hey, I hear ya, I’m the SAME WAY! So when motivation is low, and that might be all-the-time, we need to depend on something else to help us get those workouts in so we can keep our bodies and minds healthy. 

The funny thing about motivation is that it comes after taking action, not before.” - Paul Bailey

So now what?

We set goals, we find our “why”  and practice all the inspirational tips. But for me, a self-proclaimed people pleaser, there is one that works like no other: accountability buddy/s. If I commit to someone, I will make that workout happen rather than go through all the excuses that I seem to be able to find. I mean seriously, the dishes can wait 20 minutes.



The WHO and the  HOW:

  1.  Find a friend (or group of friends) that are getting in shape. I asked 3 girlfriends on my little island here this month to be in an accountability group. Sometimes we make walking dates, meet up at a class, text sweaty selfies or even a simple “DONE!”  
  2. Ask a family member to go in on this with you. I had 2 sisters in my Pilates 101 Program that texted each other daily across states to check-in. They enjoyed great success with the program AND strengthened their connection.
  3. Find an online community - of course the Just Breathe community is one of  my favorites. It’s for women wanting to improve their health and fitness and looking for support from like minded women in a positive environment.

An accountability buddy/group is my personal go-to for getting consistent with my workouts after I’ve been slacking off and I encourage you to try it.  

Still not sure how? If you want a plan that's all laid out for you, learn Pilates technique (a smarter-not-harder approach to exercise) and have an accountability community, check out my Pilates 101 Program. You can check it out HERE. I'll guide you through all of the above and it's less than $50! PLUS you're really going to learn the right way to do Pilates with my special sauce (what my students call my teaching style).



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