Create a Home Workout Plan | for women over 40

80% of my clients and community tell me they struggle with consistency or motivation when it comes to exercise. I get this, you might be surprised to know that I’m not one of those girls where exercise and fitness is one of my daily non-negotiables. This girl needs a plan. So I have my go-to workout plan at home.

One thing I’ve learned - It’s a lot easier to stay consistent when you have a plan to follow. Think of it like meal planning but for exercise and some other healthy habits. I come up with a plan and let IT do the heavy lifting - I don’t have to wonder what to do…I stick to the plan.


This plan has been tweaked over the years and I’m excited to share it with you so let’s dive in!

P.S.-- Click HERE or to download my free Self Care Checklist so you can stay on point with your daily healthy habits - spoiler alert: it’s part of the workout plan.


If you want a plan that's all laid out for you, learn Pilates technique (a smarter-not-harder approach to exercise) and have an accountability community, check out my Pilates 101 Program. You can check it out HERE. I'll guide you through all of the above and it's less than $100. PLUS you're really going to learn the right way to do Pilates with my special sauce (what my students call my teaching style).

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