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Ever wonder how some friends seem to just have no problem staying fit...even on vacation? We’ve gone to some of the Fit Girls we know and asked them what keeps them ticking. Then we’ve got some tips to help you get into their groove.


THE FITNESS INSTRUCTOR - Amy Buck @alignbodymind

I find that momentum is the key to motivation for me. I love exercising because of the way it makes me feel. The zap of elevating endorphins from a creative circuit training or beach run to nervous system re-balancing through Pilates sessions or Vinyasa flows keep my body, mind and soul aglow. Once the momentum gets rolling with a good mix of different types of workouts I find motivation naturally ensues. Oh and music too, good tunes a definite motivating must!


THE FASHION BLOGGER /  MOM - Sally Donald @onanygivenday

I find motivation in mixing up my routine and seeking new goals in the activities I participate in. After recently relocating, as soon as I landed I joined a Kickboxing gym and compliment that with my love for Pilates at Pilates & Co, Miami. I feel energized after I work out and I love seeing results both physically and in terms of fitness levels. I believe consistency is key. I generally don’t break from my exercise routine ever, I enjoy working out on holidays and also through winter! Even if you don’t come from a background where exercise was encouraged, it’s never too late to start. So get going … and keep going xxxx


THE JETSETTER - Marita Daniel

I always make time for exercise.  I plan it into my day just as I would a meeting. The night before, I already commit to what time I will exercise, based on what I am planning for that day. Generally I will try to get it out the way in the morning, as so many things can pop up during the day that if I plan it after work, there is more chance of it not happening because of the days’ distractions and occurrences. If I happen to have a late night then I do allow myself to miss that day or try and do later, but I will always ensure I get in exercise at least 5 times per week.

I am motivated daily to exercise for a number of reasons. I find that if I don’t exercise my day just never runs as smooth. Built up energy I may store that I didn’t release if I had of exercised,  is a big factor in my motivation to “move”. I feel a lot calmer and more balanced if I’ve trained in the morning so the rest of the day always then falls into place. If I want to have a good day work wise, then I need to exercise, a huge motivator for me.

The benefits are both physical and mental. I put less pressure on myself to see physical results as I age, but more benefit in the results of setting myself the goal of exercising and achieving it. I believe the old staying “move it or lose it” and this motivates me each day as well as being thankful that I still have the opportunity physically to exercise and my body allows me to still be able to go for a run, have a swim, do a long walk or a gym workout, and I make the most of it.


THE THERAPIST / MOM - Zoe Pfaffman 

“Hold up....working out is optional?!? Seriously, for me, working out is non-negotiable. If I don’t work out, I get snappy, start hating how clothes fit on me.... and then there’s my self-confidence...I think it may go on vacation to another country... or something, because I can’t seem to find it! Then, there’s my genetics. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me the genetics for obesity, thyroid and heart disease (insert sarcastic tone). So where do I find my motivation? It starts with the role and narrative I give working out in my life. To me working out is a part of me. A part of me that needs to be nourished just like all of my other parts, such as wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My body needs a healthy vessel to live a long, and highly qualitative life. Working out is on my calendar just like my business clients, and meetings at school with teachers.  It’s going to happen. If I ever feel like I don’t have time to work out, or am too tired, I remind myself that working out is non-negotiable. I will never have enough time, and/or feel other things take priority. But there’s no higher priority than my being healthy of mind, body, and soul.”


  • mix up workouts
  • set certain goals within that modality
  • listen to upbeat music
  • remembering how good you feel when you're finished
  • schedule workouts in like any other appointment
  • workout in the AM so it's out of the way and improve work quality
  • making a deal with yourself that it's non-negotiable 


Which of these tips resonates with you? Which one can you implement this week to get you motivated and stay motivated?

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XO, Rachel



I loved reading these tips & advice, very motivating. Thanks

Amy Buck

Fabulous blog! Inspiring to hear the different catalysts for motivation. Thanks for thinking of me , honored to contribute amongst these body moving rockstars! XOXO


I hope y’all loved these tips as much as I did. I am not a girl of routine but possibly habit. So I’m making workouts a habit. XO, Rachel

Sally Donald

Thanks for including me in this! Loved reading what motivates these amazing girls xxxx

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