10 Minutes at Home

GAIN STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY with this beginner Pilates workout. 10 minutes at home is all you need. If you’re just beginning Pilates mat workouts, keep working on your alignment and technique with this brief but effective Pilates for beginners home workout. We go through classic Level 1 Pilates mat work to strengthen the core while gaining flexibility. Enjoy!

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I am sorry. I hope I didn’t download anything I must pay for at this time. I cannot spend money on this now. I thought this was for free. I downloaded “Pilates 101”. If this costs me, I will not use it and destroy it.


I had no trouble hearing the directions and explanations. She chose really good exercises for a short workout, and provided options to make them more challenging if you wanted that. I’m going to incorporate this into my weekly exercise and check out her other videos. Thanks !

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