Breast Cancer Exercise

Breast Cancer Exercises for Survivors
Last month I connected with Crystal. Crystal saw my reality show debut on House Hunters International that was filmed a bajillion years ago and was inspired by my story of moving to Bali. She got in touch with me on Instagram wanting to hear more about my courage to move to an island far away on my own.
What Crystal didn't know is how inspired I would be by her story of battling cancer after a long struggle with getting a correct diagnosis. To support her on her journey, though it may not be to Bali (thanks Covid), I wanted to make her a workout video. And it goes a lil something like this...


These exercises designed to keep the lymphatic system in the upper body flowing are provided for general information only and should not be treated as a substitute for professional supervision or advice. If you have any concerns, please speak to a healthcare professional.

Please share this with the survivor that inspires you.



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