How to Hamstring Stretch for Low Back Pain



This is a tutorial to teach you how to Hamstring stretch. Learn how to loosen hamstrings to relieve low back pain instead of contributing to it. We will teach you how to gain hamstring flexibility while stabilizing your low back. 

Many people try to stretch their hamstrings by bending over while seated or standing. In some cases this can attribute to back pain in the long run by folding more at the waist and not at the hip. By stretching the hamstrings while lying down, we can use the floor to support the spine and also use it for feedback to know that we are folding at the hip and not forcing the spine into an unhealthy curve.

Enjoy and let us know how you feel by leaving a comment under the video on youtube. If you felt the wonderful relief share with loved ones that also suffer from annoying low back pain.


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