This quick lower body workout not only caters to sensitive knees with no squats, it also includes exercises that will strengthen the muscles around your knees to help them be less sensitive. 

I’m all about working smarter not harder so listen carefully for technique ques that will make this 10 minute leg workout more effective.  If you have one knee that is affected and want more repetitions than I’ve given, another option is to do all the reps on that side instead of switching when I do in the video. 

But first, sit right down for this tale - So when people notice my duck feet and ask me if I'm a dancer my answer is always - Yes, a "recovering dancer". One of the casualties of years in the dance studio is a left knee that has it's good days and bad.

At first I suffered through single squats despite the light sound of ...well, how would you describe that sound? Fingernails scratching on canvas?

I love lower body workouts but I know I want to save myself from surgery in the future, right?

 I know I could also continue with single leg squats wearing a brace but, meh.

But wait, shouldn’t we be doing a lower body workout that strengthens muscles in the legs rather than adding more wear and tear to the knees?

Yes, please.

And couldn't we get the thigh and booty burn that hurts so good without doing squats? Don't some of the ever popularly searched "low impact" workouts still have deep knee bends that could leave a sensitive knee swollen the next day? Yes ma'am.

So in this week's workout, I’m leading you through a quick lower body workout that won’t agitate sensitive knees.


 Let me know if you have any sensitivities brought on by the younger years and I'll design a workout to help. I love the challenge.

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I hope this workout gave you an alternative to squats if you have knees that are showing the times of your youth. Let me know if you have other body parts that might need some extra love. I love creating workouts just for YOU.

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