I remember lying in bed one time assuming I was relaxed and realizing my shoulders were pulled up around my neck like a turtle whose head is barely out of the shell.  I realized the stress I was feeling in my brain was happening in the body without me even realizing it!

With most of us transitioning to working more in the online space, tension in the neck is increasing and posture is getting worse to the point of pain.  (I can just feel you’re nodding your head too.)

Unfortunately this can lead to headaches and THAT just can’t happen. I’m a wuss when it comes to those. 

We’ve got to counterbalance this!

Taking a little bit of time each day to stretch the muscles that are getting tight is one thing you can’t put off in your cute little planner until next week.

Because who wants to miss out on life because of headaches or end up with the posture of your dear old Great Aunt Margaret. (er, no thanks!)

So I’m leading you through some neck stretches you can do right at your desk. ...I’m doin' em right now ;)

Also download my printable 7 DAY SELF-CARE CHECKLIST to help you get consistent with healthy tasks throughout the day. Who doesn't love a checklist?







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