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Here's a tutorial to teach you how to do the Pilates Side Kick series correctly which is important when you are learning beginner Pilates at home. This exercise is an excellent outer thigh exercise.The muscles used in the Side Kick Exercise are the thighs, hips, abdominals and back. The key to this exercise is to stabilize the hips while the leg moves freely, not letting the hips rock and roll with the leg. Watch the video for set-up and execution tips. Leave a comment letting us know if you have any questions. Share it with your friends who like beginner Pilates at home or outer thigh exercises.

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How to Squat Correctly (No More Back Pain)

Everyone squats every day. We do house work, pick things up off the ground and even the motion of sitting is a squat. Learning how to squat correctly is very important. Also building strength in your lower body by practicing squats properly and regularly during your exercise routine is an effective way to save you from low back pain while doing your everyday activities. We like to call it ‘prehab’. Doing squats incorrectly can do more harm than good. Often clients will complain of back or knee pain. So it's important to take the time to learn how to do them with the correct form. This video will show you three tips. 1)Your stance is a little wider than hip...

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How to Hamstring Stretch for Low Back Pain

    This is a tutorial to teach you how to Hamstring stretch. Learn how to loosen hamstrings to relieve low back pain instead of contributing to it. We will teach you how to gain hamstring flexibility while stabilizing your low back.  Many people try to stretch their hamstrings by bending over while seated or standing. In some cases this can attribute to back pain in the long run by folding more at the waist and not at the hip. By stretching the hamstrings while lying down, we can use the floor to support the spine and also use it for feedback to know that we are folding at the hip and not forcing the spine into an unhealthy curve.Enjoy...

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