Improve Posture 2 Heal Neck Pain Workshop

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Stop letting neck pain and headaches interrupt your life

and instead

Have a 30 minute routine that you can do at home that relieves neck pain and improves your posture and alignment to banish the pain for good.

Inside this workshop we’re going to⁣…

  • Have a light bulb moment on why this is happening to you - this is my method for true transformation
  • Stretch so you can relieve tension
  • Strengthen postural muscles so you can feel taller
  • Create a plan so you can stay consistent with it (where most folks fail) and LIVE PAIN FREE


On top of that, the workshop includes:

  • A video to follow so you can continue giving yourself relief. 
  • Tips on how to practice better posture that will alleviate neck pressure.
  • A printable schedule to print and put on the fridge to keep you consistent.

If you are ready to stop ⁣

Feeling like the HunchBack of Notre Dame

Saying that you're "falling apart"

Blaming your phone use for your poor posture (I get it)

and want to sleep soundly through the night and stop losing days to headaches - this is the perfect workshop for you.