Meet Rachel

Hey Guys, I'm Rachel

and I'm passionate about supporting you to become your happiest and healthiest by helping you create an improved relationship with exercise.

I want to work with people who:

  • want to have an exercise plan but don't know where to start
  • are looking for a community to be a part of to help each other stay inspired and motivated to get fit
  • have joint stiffness or low-back pain and sick of it


JUST BREATHE teaches the Pilates method and is all about believing that LESS CAN BE MORE when exercises are done correctly and efficiently. I don't believe you need to spend hours at the gym or on the mat to get results.

Finally say goodbye to joint and low-back pain by safely strengthening your core and restoring posture and alignment. Quick and effective workouts and tweaks to everyday habits will get you there. I spent years suffering from low-back pain due to Scoliosis and can totally relate. I hope you join me.



Professional Background

private pilates rachel greene

Rachel was born and raised in the southern US and now divides her time between Bali and Highlands NC with her partner, John, and their dog Molly. Rachel first became interested in Pilates while earning a degree in Dance from university.  Following, she was certified in Mat in 2003 and then fully certified in all apparatus by Carrie Pages at 'In Balance' in 2008. She has since continued her education including achieving Advanced Instructor Certification from Pilates for Golf CoachTM and taking courses specializing in rehab with Stott Pilates. Rachel's love for Pilates technique, personal experience with chronic pain, easy to understand teaching style and friendly nature make her lessons highly effective and enjoyable.