Earn Extra Income whilst being part of a brand who aims to inspire women to be their happiest & style.

Your Goals 

Earn extra income on your own terms whilst helping build a brand you believe in.

Represent our core values: quality, relatable, positive, stylish, inspirational, active, authentic, versatile, FUN!

Raise brand awareness to your friends, family, community and clients

Promote your ‘code’ to encourage sales on our site and earn a commission

Give feedback on new products...I love your taste!


  • Your own personal 10% discount code awards you 20% commission on sales over $100
  • Receive 40% discount on your favorite JUST BREATHE. items for yourself



Host an event (think "Training and Champaigning") at your studio or house with a jointly curated collection of samples purchased with your 40% discount. We curate this together because we believe you know your community more than anyone and we know the best sellers. ;) Earn up to 30% commission on all sales.

Stock Retailers

Show your collection of samples to prospective retailers and receive a commission on their wholesale order.



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I want to build an authentic, relatable and inspiring brand as well as a community for women to be a part of.