Let me help you relieve neck pain due to poor posture NOW

It’s time to reverse poor posture habits from being on the computer or phone all day (I see you).

Are you ready to finally ditch neck pain, get better posture, and finally get a good night’s sleep… without another trip to the PT, going down the YouTube rabbit hole or heaven forbid loading up on pain pills? ⁣

I’ve been teaching for a lotta years and I know what it takes to re-align the head, neck and shoulders.⁣


Inside this workshop we’re going to⁣…

  • Have a light bulb moment on why this is happening to you - this is my method for true transformation
  • Stretch so you can relieve tension
  • Strengthen postural muscles so you can feel taller
  • Create a plan so you can stay consistent with it (where most folks fail) and LIVE PAIN FREE


"Great workshop! Rachel gives great instruction in this easy to follow and informative session. Plus bonus encouragement and motivation. Loved it!"

- Debbi O., Jacksonville FL

On top of that, the workshop includes:

  • A video to follow so you can continue giving yourself relief. 
  • Tips on how to practice better posture that will alleviate neck pressure.
  • A printable schedule to print and put on the fridge to keep you consistent.

If you are ready to stop ⁣

Feeling like the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Saying that you're "falling apart"

Blaming your phone use for your poor posture (I get it)

…and want to sleep soundly through the night and stop losing days to headaches - this is the perfect workshop for you.


I’ve currently got it discounted at $27 so grab it before I change my mind.


Because I believe so fully in this workshop, I stand by it.

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy -- if within 30 days, you give it a whirl, do the program as laid out and it’s not working, hop on a quick call with me to let me know how I can improve, and I’m more than happy to give you a 30 minute one on one coaching session! Click here to read the full policy.

And who the heck am I?

I’m Rachel, and I’ve been teaching Pilates and helping people with aches and pains for two decades. Coming from a history of back pain and low motivation myself, I pride myself on empathy and successful results. Now I’ve made it my mission to help other women find a doable and likable exercise program and routine that they can stick to and keep themselves pain free. Are you with me?


Here’s what others have asked before diving in!

What if I’ve never exercised?
No problemo! My workshops and teaching style meet you at your level. I got you! 
What if I have injuries?
Make sure you have cleared it with your doctor before engaging in any exercise program. You can always add on a private virtual lesson with me prior to starting the program and you can sign up for one HERE.
What kind of support is offered? I as well as other members are available on the private FB group to answer any questions. Or you can send me an email.
Can I sign up anytime? You can!. The workshop is pre-recorded and you can complete it on your own time.
How long do I get access? I’ll email you the instructional videos and calendar which are yours to keep.
I don’t think I have time for this? The workshop is under an hour and the exercise routine is 15-20 minutes long and only 3x/week. Truth Bomb -This is when you ask yourself: You can’t or you won’t find time?
I just don’t think I can justify spending that right now? Think of what it’s costing you to NOT prioritize your body and self-care at this point in your life. 


Finally get this problem taken care of so that you can wake up with less pain and anxiety .

And yup, you COULD keep putting it off, but it’d mean you just will lose more days to headaches caused by the neck tension (yup they’re linked).

So really, locking arms with me and snagging this workshop is THE BEST way of improving your posture in the most economical, efficient, and beautiful way—plus, I’m a fun gal who loves supporting other women.

But seriously, don’t procrastinate (totally relate to that too) because this price is not a forever thing. 

Are you with me?