Effective But Gentle Pilates Beginner Program That Will Transform Your Health Journey

Aching (literally) to feel better in your body and about your exercise plan?

A doable, and likeable exercise program for beginners that will meet you at your level is in reach.  

Do you consider yourself a beginner when it comes to working out? Know that at this point in life you need to. Wonder if you can ever find an exercise program that will ease you into it and actually make you feel better and not more sore?

Sure! You're fully aware that you should improve your core strength, flexibility and alignment. You just need some professional guidance, a little know-how and a non-judgmental, supportive community to spur you on. 

Imagine having an exercise program that you love and can actually stick to.

      • Learn a movement system based on quality not quantity that you can do at home because, really, who wants to spend hours at the gym?
      • Build a daily routine that’s focused on self-care
      • Wake up feeling more refreshed because you’re sleeping better
      • Feel less anxiety about your level of fitness


Get ready to say goodbye to chronic pain and hello to knowing how to make your body feel good.

  • Because you want to be able to keep up with your family. 
  • You want to be an active part of the solution
  • You’re totally sick of complaining about pain to your friends and family. I mean, how many times have you laughed and said “I’m falling apart”? (Been there)


“Life will tap you on the shoulder before it knocks you on your butt."

-Oprah Winfrey

Let's not wait for that, shall we?


Introducing Pilates 101, a program designed specifically for beginners and pain sufferers to transform your relationship with exercise.

EASE Pilates for Beginners

 I’m Rachel Greene and people like you are exactly who I created Pilates 101 for: it’s a 4 week Pilates program to help you gain an exercise routine you can stick to. A doable but effective, online exercise program that also encourages self-care habits and improves mindset to improve overall health all in the comfort of your, well wherever you have space for a mat.
For almost 2 decades I’ve enjoyed introducing women who said they’ve “never been into gym stuff” to Pilates. They LOVE it and wonder why they are only just discovering it. I’ve created a sequence of lessons that eases you into Pilates and sprinkling in some mindset exercises only sweetens the outcome: a more balanced body and mind. Can I get an amen?



Here's what you get with Pilates 101

+Pilates lessons 
Receive 10 pre-recorded Pilates lessons that you complete on your own time schedule. They are only 15-20 minutes so you can always find time to squeeze them in even if you have a lot on your plate. Taught by me, certified Pilates Instructor Rachel Greene, with over 18 years experience, the lessons include modifications so you can gain strength and flexibility without injury. With lifetime access to the online studio these lessons are yours to keep.
+Off the Mat Exercises
These assignments help improve mindset which is the key to prioritizing self-care and exercise. Don't worry they’re not too woo-woo, just some a-ha moments and activities to up your feel good factor.
+7- Day Self-care Checklist 
A printable, weekly checklist with a few tasks to check off each day of the week. Spend the month weaving them into your daily routine and by the end of the program they’ll become habits that you incorporate with ease.                             
+Private Facebook Community  
Meet a beautiful community of like-minded women that share a common goal. Receive support and motivation in a safe space. Stay accountable with check-ins.
+BONUS:  A private online session upon completion of the program to address any questions or concerns or just have a private Pilates lesson ($75 value)
workout plan for beginners


Here’s the Process:

Step 1 

Click the grey button anywhere on this page, check out and on Monday you'll receive an email with a program guide that will prep you for the month ahead.

Step 2 

Complete 3 lessons a week for 4 weeks. Emails will drop into your inbox Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to prompt (and motivate) you to log into the studio but you complete them on your own time: first thing (after coffee of course), lunch break, whatever works for you. 

Step 3 

And you’re good to go! In one month you’re already feeling stronger. You’ll be in the groove with your daily self-care habits, have a firm knowledge of Pilates and a library of workouts that you love and can practice (and actually enjoy) improving upon.


”Pilates 101 was exactly what everyone should be doing after a year like 2020. . . . . taking time out for myself just a few times a week with a guided gentle workout was so fundamental to maintaining my own mental health so I can be a better mother, wife, sister, and friend. Rachel includes additional resources and "Off The Mat" work for mindfulness which were a welcome supplement to the "ON" the mat workouts. I learned a lot, and not just about Pilates!”

-Debbie O., Empty Nester 

What’s the cost of all this?

Sure, you COULD keep buying gym memberships ($60/month), lose motivation, think of every excuse not to go and waste the money. Join another 30 day challenge that is beyond your ability and leaves you feeling defeated because you didn’t complete workouts every darn day. And, hey, all or nothing is actually not the way to go to get long lasting results. 

Or, you could have a library of quick but effective workouts that are yours to keep, can do at home and that were designed to meet you at your ability. Keep motivation high with the accountability partners you’ll meet in our Just Breathe community.

You could ignore the problem until the pain in your joints lands you in your Chiropractor’s or Doctor’s office which can also be an
expensive exercise ($65-$300). 

Or, take control back and learn Pilates which is hailed to be the best exercise system for joints and spine.

Let’s get you from stiff to stellar

Your investment for the Pilates 101 Program?

  • A guided 4 week wellness program
  • 10 Pilates videos to keep
  • Online Private session with me upon completion of the program ($75)
  • Printable weekly checklist to keep your self-care on track
  • An improved mindset towards exercise and wellness
  • A private and safe community of like-minded women to support one another and hold each other accountable
  • A budding knowledge of Pilates and it’s fundamentals
  • Confidence that you can exercise without injuring yourself 
  • Improved mind-body awareness
  • A new exercise and self-care routine you can stick to long after the program finished

One-time Payment of $97

Payment plans available


Lock in this price while you still can!


“After a VERY stressful few years and now 2020 (Covid, kids in college, etc.) it was time to do something for myself because I NEEDED to feel better, inside and out. Adding another expense seemed counter-productive but I signed up for Pilates 101 anyway and it was so worth it! Think of it like putting your oxygen mask on first in an aircraft. . . . you have to do that to take care of your loved ones. The program is so much more than a Pilates workout program, it is for the body and the mind with an encouraging instructor that will get you moving again. I didn't plan to give up my Starbucks but the better I started feeling the more I thought about what I was fueling my body with and with that mindset the program paid for itself.”

-Pilates 101 member


And who the heck am I?

I’m Rachel, and I’ve been teaching Pilates and helping people with aches and pains for almost two decades. Coming from a history of Scoliosis, back pain, anxiety, and low motivation myself, I pride myself on empathy and successful results.

Now I’ve made it my mission to help other women find a doable and likeable exercise program and routine that they can stick to and keep themselves pain free.

 Are you with me? 


Nope. I'm not going to sit here and say this is for everyone. But if…

  • You want to have an exercise plan but don't know where to start

  • You are sick of pain and stiffness and want to be more flexible

  • You need to be held accountable and would like a supportive community to help

  • You realize all or nothing challenges are not your thang.

  • You are a beginner and not currently running marathons or hitting the gym 5 times a week...yet ;)


 Here’s what others have asked before

diving in!

What if I’ve never exercised?
This program was made for you! We start by getting to know the body and spend a whole lesson on learning how to just breathe.

What if I have injuries?
Make sure you have cleared it with your doctor before engaging in any exercise program. You can always add on a private virtual lesson with me prior to starting the program and you can sign up for one HERE.

What kind of support is offered?
I as well as past  members are  available on the private FB group to answer any questions. Indulge in a virtual private lesson with me to address any questions and check your form HERE.

Can I sign up anytime?
You can! You will start to receive the emails the following Monday but can keep them in your inbox for when you’re ready. The lessons are pre-recorded within the Just Breathe Online Studio and you can complete them on your own time.

How long do I get access?
Your logon access is forever so you can continue to engage in your favorite lessons weekly even after the 4 weeks of email prompts finish.

I don’t think I have time for this?
The Pilates workouts are 15-20 minutes long and only 3x/week. The Off the Mat assignments are brief and enjoyable. This is when you ask yourself: You can’t or you won’t find time?

I just don’t think I can justify spending that right now?
Think of what it’s costing you to NOT prioritize your body and self-care at this point in your life. 


Finally participate in an exercise program that was meant for you so that you can wake up with less pain and anxiety.

And yup, you COULD keep ignoring it (maybe), but it’d mean you just have more visits to the doctor or you COULD keep following fitness models on Insta hoping motivation will set in but at last never does. All of that just leads you to where you are now.

 So really, locking arms with me and starting the Pilates 101 Program is THE BEST way of getting back in shape in the most economical, efficient, and beautiful way—plus, I’m a fun gal who loves supporting other women

But seriously, don’t procrastinate (totally relate to that too) because this price is not a forever thing. 

 I’m Ready to Join You!