Add more yards and more years to your golf game!

So that you can keep playing AND WINNING the game that you love.

pilates for golf

 Imagine having a consistent, full (powerful) swing that doesn’t leave your back aching or joints screaming after play.

It’s time to get some personalized instruction on which specific stretches and exercises are effective for  YOUR swing faults and pain points?

You’d be able to finish a game with no back pain and zero recovery time because you’re finally gaining flexibility in the RIGHT joints...and wait a’ve also gained core strength!
Say goodbye to stiffness and hello to more power in your swing!

“After working with Rachel, My swing feels a lot more effortless and repeatable, and driver carry distance is now 270 yards. I have a pre-practice and pre-game routine to stretch and free up my range of motion. In addition, I have definitely noticed that I don’t get tired and stiff toward the end of a 4 hour round and can still swing freely on the 18th.  Absolutely worth the commitment.” 

 -W. Turley

Introducing Pilates for Golf 

4 weeks of 1 on 1 lessons of golf specific training for gaining flexibility (range of motion) and strengthening your core in a way that is specific to your posture and swing faults, all designed to be the last program you will ever need for golf fitness.


Here’s what you get

+Initial Consultation - Analyzing your pain points, posture and swing faults so I can prescribe the most effective stretches and exercises during the program.


+Virtual Lessons twice a week - Two 1 hour lessons per week for 4 weeks via SKYPE, with yours truly, certified Pilates for Golf CoachTM Advanced Instructor, Rachel Greene


+ Game Day Plan  - A downloadable PDF and videos of tips and exercises that will optimize your performance before, during and after your play. This is a game changer for sure!

+ Take-away workout - A workout video tailored to your strengths and weaknesses to keep up your progress


 Here's the process:


Step 1
Shoot me a message below and start the conversation. You’ll receive a client questionnaire which is your invitation to tell me about your goals, pain points and exactly what you’re looking for.
Step 2
We schedule a call so I can answer any questions you might have regarding the program. 
Step 3
During the call, we schedule your Initial Consultation and lessons for a time that works for you and you’re all set.
Sure you COULD try stretching on your own, but let’s be honest it’s hard to stay consistent and you’re not that sure what to stretch. You could try yoga but it’s not related to golf and you’re not really seeing the benefits on the course or after. You could do nothing, but then you’ll most likely have to stop playing all together, way before you wanted to. :(
OR you can get professional help and invest in yourself and your golf game.
Your investment for this Pilates for Golf Program?
  • 8 private one hour lessons
  • A game day routine that will have you winning against your pals
  • Optimized mental and physical game
  • Developed blend of strength and flexibility
  • Consistency, accuracy and increased club-head speed for longer distance
  • Less or no pain and stiffness during and after play

    A one time payment of $550


     (payment plans available)
    Please note I only book 6 clients each month and they typically book out in advance.

     Let's get the ball rolling by getting in touch here: